The first connected-battery free insole that prevents the risk of blisters and ulcers
bluetooth Bluetooth connection
live In real time
sync Synchronization with an account
manage User management
sensor Sensor network
medical Medical monitoring
SBluetooth WarnFeet connected insoles use a very energy-efficient Bluetooth connection. This means they can communicate with your phone without consuming too much power. A smart wireless connection that won't cause you any hassle.
Ssync The insoles transmit real-time data on foot pressure and temperature directly to your phone. This technology enables you to monitor the condition of your feet, for example, when following a pathology or during a sporting activity.
SLive Each pair of insoles comes with a serial number and is linked to a user account when it is created. Synchronization takes place automatically when the insoles and the user's phone are in close proximity and in use. This also makes it possible to retain all data when changing phones, simply by installing the application and connecting to the previously created account.
SManage Every user is different. That's why we've built in a maximum number of customizable parameters to match each user's profile as closely as possible. The WarnFeet device takes these parameters into account in its interpretation for precise, adjusted results.
Ssensor WarnFeet insoles are equipped with 25 piezoelectric strips that form a network of 150 pressure sensors. Arranged crosswise, the pressure and temperature sensors are powered solely by the energy of your footsteps. This network provides truly precise and comprehensive detection of high-risk areas.
SMedical For healthcare professionals such as GPs, podiatrists, diabetologists, nurses and others, these insoles are a real asset. They can monitor the progress and data of several patients at the same time, thanks to a single application. This makes monitoring foot care much easier and more efficient.
Phone_authent Authentication
Phone_Dashboard Dashboard
Phone_Twinning Twinning
Proto_Sensors Sensors connected to warnfeet
Proto_Insole Insole with sensors
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